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Hesitant Alien' Zine - Gerard Arthur Way

'I'll leave you with this -
When the choirboy sings -
lay low.
When the blood test stings - 
let go.
And when the mothership rings - 
leave home.’


I have headaches! I have intense sensitivity to light because there’s something wrong with me physically, not mentally. It’s not that. Listen doctor, my mother is a paranoid schizophrenic who’s been institutionalized. So I know, I know very well what mental illness looks like. Maybe even better than you. And it’s not that, it’s not.


i told him to stand there & look cool. he didn’t have to try.




fake you out || twenty one pilots (+)

i’ll never be, be what you see inside
you say i’m not alone but i am petrified
you say that you are close, is close the closest star?
you just feel twice as far, you just feel twice as far

x music

That’s Clint Eastwood, in “Dirty Harry.”


My thoughts go black it breaks my heart





the funny thing about dril posts is that they actually do have a structure to them– they hit a kind of conceptual caesura halfway through, a point where there’s no inevitable logical connection between what’s been said and what’s still to come. here, the first sentence didn’t need to result in the second, yet it’s not “lol random” either; the speaker is angry about his boss’ draconian ferret-kissing policy, and reacts in kind, and even the reference to a “screen saver” reminds us that we’re in an office. it’s a narrative progression that, despite having an internal logic, alienates its punchline from its setup. who the hell is this person?

one thing i love about @dril posts is how they all seem to take place in a universe that is somewhat like our own, but with the habitus of white middle america taken to a bizarre, absurd, but strangely logical conclusion. take this one, for instance: 

so we have our setting: a security guard protecting the american flag in the betsy ross museum, something almost archetypically american and middle class. but once again the first part, or setup, for the punchline, “fucking the flag,” careens the joke into an alien punchline that still, given the setting, makes sense. @dril’s security guard character imitates a sort-of cop-talk, the banter of a security guard, “buddy, they wont even let me fuck it”. you can imagine a similar response from a guard at any museum, but we’re talking about Fucking the American Flag, here. 

i really love @dril. 

it’s astonishing that a human being thinks of those posts. some person, someone out there whose existence we have to infer, because all we know is that those posts occur and they must be coming from somewhere. “the @dril​ tweeter” resonates as “the beowulf poet” does, except beowulf (which i’ve only read in translation, so i’m not an authority) has never made any use of the english language as baffling and sublime and somehow primally interlaced with the stuff of human consciousness as “IF THE ZOO BANS ME FOR HOLLERING AT THE ANIMALS I WILL FACE GOD AND WALK BACKWARDS INTO HELL.”

This is my favorite post, I am so glad I found it again.

"I threw a box of rice krispies on the floor, just like, out of rebellion once, so I consider myself pretty rowdy."

- josh dun (via dunpkin)